Paul B├ędaride - Projects


Naturalchimie [.tar.gz] naturalchimie

Remake of the naturalchimie game in python/pygame.

Donkey Konga [.tar.gz]donkeykonga

Remake of the DonkeyKonga (GameCube) game in python/pygame.

Cute God game siteplanetcute

Implementation javascipt/html5 of the Cute God Challenge

Robozzle Solver [.py]robozzle

A solver for the puzzles from Robozzle in python.

Quoridor and Keth online game [git]kethquoridor

Online implementation of two board games in HTML5/Canvas/SVG using the Play2 Framework

Programming challenges

Project Euler [python.tar.gz] [haskell.tar.gz]

Resolution of some problems of the Project Euler in python and haskell.

Google Code Jam [python.tar.gz]

Resolution of some problems of the Google Code Jam in python and haskell.

Other Stuff

Error Minning Implementation [.tar.gz]

Python implementation of the algorithme of Benoit Sagot and Eric de la Clergerie.

IRC bot [.tar.gz]

A modular IRC bot in python.

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